Thursday, November 20, 2008

2008 Counselor Lipsync

The Jefunira counselors take things back to the 80's and rock the house with this rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart"!


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone

Another newbie here. I've joined on the recommendation of a friend on here. Looks like there are lots of interesting threads.
I love gardening and messing about with the camera so you should see me joining in with those for starters.

so how is everyone doing? Dennis from [url=]Personal Loans[/url] website!

Anonymous said...

Jefunira does *NOT* allow parents to opt OUT of a photo release. Sign their release OR your kid can *not* attend camp!!!! Parents have no rights!!!!!

Instead of discriminating against families who don't want to have their children's image/likeness used in Jefunira's advertising (video, photos, press releases, internet, etc...) -- Jefunira should follow the example of large well established children organizations (ie: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts) and allow families to OPT OUT of advertising and promotions. Forcing compliance is discriminating and unethical.