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Jefunira: Behind the Scenes

Directors Ben and Jamie: What REALLY happens in the office after campers leave...

Importance of play

As you might imagine, given that I have chose to run camps as my career, I believe in the value of play.  I think the discussion should probably be framed as "need for play" instead of "value of play".  I see each summer how much kids enjoy coming to Jefunira Camp and playing.  I can see how a child's self confidence and self esteem can grow in a really short amount of time when placed in a supportive environment where he or she can just play.  

I recently came across this quote,  "Play is to the child what thinking, planning, and blueprinting are to the adult, a trial universe in which conditions are simplified and methods exploratory, so that past failures can be thought through, expectations tested."  Eric Erikson, 1902 - 1994

I see everyday how important play is to children, but I often wonder what others think.  I am always asked by parents what kids get from Jefunira Camp.  I would love to know what you think you children have taken away from their time at Jefunira Camp.