Monday, April 9, 2007

Jefunira in the News!

Jefunira Camp was mentioned as one of the most popular camps in Palo Alto in a San Jose Mercury article about summer camp registration- look for us about 2/3 of the way down. The article discusses the early deadlines for parents trying to register their kids for summer programming and brings up some good issues regarding the at times competitive and extreme nature of camp registration. Jefunira saw this first hand this year, with over 500 applications arriving on the first day- a little overwhelming even for us! For those parents still trying to choose the right camp for their kids, our best advice is to consult other parents! Nothing substitutes for first hand knowledge of a program, and past attendees can tell you about issues such as quality of staff, programming, and other topics that might not be addressed by a website or brochure. Some good questions to ask:

1) Does the camp feel like a safe place to leave your kids?
2) What is the diversity of the camp's programming? (i.e. Is it all sports, all crafts, a mix of both, etc..)
3)What kind of staff-camper ratio does the camp have?
4) Do the counselors engage campers in activities when they arrive?
5) Is the camp ACA (American Camping Assocation) certified?

Regarding #5- Jefunira Camp is one of the only day camps on the peninsula to voluntarily submit ourselves to the ACA certification process. While optional, we feel that the guidelines and demonstration that we're following industry best practices required for ACA accredidation helps us to provide the safest, highest quality summer experience for our campers!

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