Monday, April 30, 2007

Summer is almost upon us!

The countdown has begun...45 days till training for Jefunira Camp begins! Jeff, Terri and I have been getting very excited for the summer to begin- as much fun as we have playing 1 on 1 Ga-Ga, nothing compares to the excitement of having all of our campers and counselors around to play with. We've also been busy in the off-season inventing some new games and activities- keep your eyes peeled for "Dragonslayer" "Bean Bag Olympics" and some even wackier relay events!

We've nearly completed our hiring for the summer, and are very excited about the caliber of our counselors this summer- we have some amazingly talented people working with us, including a large number of returning counselors from last year! This years counseling staff includes singers, ice hockey players, ultimate frisbee stars, martial artists, global volunteers and more...We're still looking for those last few all-stars to round out the counseling staff- if you know of anyone you think would make a great camp counselor, please send them our way!

-Director Ben

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Hi - I referred several applicants after seeing your ads online, but some said they did not heard back from you following interviews. If you still need people, please let me know. I can be reached at Thank you!